Business Training Return on Investment


Year: 2014

For every government dollar invested in Momentum’s Self Employment Program over $7 is returned to the community, reveals a new economic evaluation.

Momentum’s Self Employment Program has been offering business training to Calgarians with employment barriers since disability, income level, cultural or language, limited access to capital and limited education. The 26 week program includes 10 weeks of in-class group learning and business plan development followed by an additional 16 weeks of business start-up supported through classroom instruction and individual coaching sessions.

Since 1998 over 400 people have participated in Momentum’s Self Employment Program, launching themselves into a career that offers flexibility, financial security and a sustainable livelihood. In many cases, these business owners go on to employ others who are also often marginalized. In addition to the program success, many of Momentum’s Self Employment participants go on to contribute to the Calgary economy by starting a business, employing others, exiting social assistance and increasing their taxes paid.

This report shows that the Self Employment Program delivered by Momentum generates an attractive return for both the Alberta and federal governments. The net returns to the federal and provincial treasuries from financing this program are large.

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