Case Study: Pack-IT Social Return on Investment Analysis

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Susan Mackenzie

Year: 2005

This SROI analysis of Pack-IT, commissioned by Social Firms UK, focuses on the incremental social value created by the company by employing disabled people, over and above what would be expected if all of its employees were non-disabled. The returns are calculated annually due to the nature of Social Firms, in that their ‘output’ is the ongoing employment of disabled people. Therefore, no benefits are projected forward.

The aggregate social value created by Pack-IT each year is projected to be £71,600, which translates into value added of £33,700 after adjusting for the value of the grant and wage subsidies. Pack-IT’s SROI ratio of 1.9:1 implies that, for every £1 invested, £1.90 of social value is created each year for
society in terms of reduced welfare costs and increased local purchasing. However, there are a number of other benefits, such as increased selfconfidence and independence of the disabled employees, suggesting that the social return calculations likely underestimate the true social value created
by Pack-IT.