CED: Policy Formation in the US and the UK

St. Martin's Press

Author +
David Fasenfest

Year: 1993

Communities in both the US and the UK have tried to come to grips with the problem of local economic development growth; at times the solutions have been surprisingly similar, at times very different. Business-led community economic development programmes promote business interests and try to ensure business growth. Community-based programmes, on the other hand, focus on the need for jobs and adequate incomes for its residents. This volume identifies the major considerations in the policy formation process, isolates cross-national commonalities and differences, and discusses the potential for cross-national local economic development policy transfer.


Part 1 – The Potential for Cross-National Learning

  • 1. Local Economic Policy Formation: Setting an Agenda for Development Research
  • 2. Cross-National Comparison of Urban Economic Programmes: Is Policy Transfer Possible?

Part 2 – Policy Formation: What Kind and for Whom

  • 3. The Concept of the Local Economic Development Policy: Some Fundamental Questions
  • 4. Turning the Tide? The Impact of Urban and Regional Regeneration Initiatives in Northeast England
  • 5. African-American Elected Officials and the Future of Progressive Political Movements
  • 6. Industrial Diversification as Economic Policy
  • 7. A Tale of Three (British) Cities: Economic Development Politics in Cartiff, Leeds and Glasgow

Part 3 – Business or Community: Choosing a Focus

  • 8. Business Involvement in Local Economic Regeneration
  • 9. Community Development or Business Promotion: A Look at Port-led Economic Development in Chicago
  • 10. Community-Based Economic Development: The British Experience
  • 11. The Dialogual Community: Creating Rational Urban Economic Futures
  • 12. Third Sector Enterprises in the United Kingdom and Australia

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