CED Profile: Tall Grass Prairie Bakery

The Canadian CED Network

Year: 2011

This is one of the Canadian CED Network’s CED in Manitoba Profiles Project produced 50 stories of Manitoba communities working to build fairer and stronger local economies, reduce poverty, and revitalize neighbourhoods.

In 1981, the seeds of a vision were beginning to grow into what has now become a nationally recognized enterprise that builds community, impacts the local economy in several ways, and models food system justice.

It all began when a group of people in Winnipeg’s Wolseley neighbourhood began to dream together about what “community” meant for them and their families. Through long conversations about what it would mean to share lives, build rooted relationships, live in a spirit of peace and faith, and integrate respectful treatment of the Earth, the decision was made to create the Grain of Wheat Church Community. However, this was not to be just about church, this was to be a space through which to continuously explore how members of the community could work together.

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