Charting a New Course

CED Institute: Cape Breton University,

Year: 1990

This 21 minute video serves as an introduction to community economic development on the island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The activities of four community organizations in Cape Breton illustrate the main elements of the community-based economic development strategy. This innovative strategy is presented as an alternative to reliance upon government or upon conventional market forces to revitalize a depressed local economy. The successes of each of the organizations are seen but so too are their struggles. This realistic perspective makes Charting a New Course a useful presentation for community and business leaders. Students too, from junior high school through college, will find this a stimulating introduction to new ideas. A study/discussion guide is available free from the producers. The video is $15 ($17.25 with HST). Contact Anne Chiasson at: CED Institute, Cape Breton University, 902-563-1664 or .