Citizen Action Lab Leader Guide Book: Using Human Centered Design Processes for Social Good

Skills Society and Project Citizenship

Author +
Ben Weinlick, MA

Year: 2014

Taking on the role of being a Citizen Action Lab Leader is taking a courageous dive into exploring and supporting cutting edge work in human services.

Through the lab you’ll be part of…

  • Helping improve quality of life outcomes
  • Helping teams to come up with creative solutions
  • Helping support the citizenship of people with disabilities

Download the Citizen Action Lab Leader Guide Book

What is the Citizen Action Lab?

The citizen action lab offers a fun and creative experience that encourages participants to explore new ways for an individual with a disability to become more active and included in community life.

Where does an Action Lab take place?

The Action Lab takes place in the think tank space at the Skills Society or out in the community. It is always facilitated by one of the Action Lab Leaders.

What happens?

During each session we guide the participants in disciplined brainstorming activities and action plans that will help to increase the participation and quality of life of a citizen who has a disability.

Why have an Action Lab?

If you are struggling to help an individual grow community connections, to find volunteer opportunities and work experience or simply want to explore new ways that they could contribute their gifts and talents in a meaningful way, then consider scheduling a session with the Action Lab. Together we can help foster engaged citizenship in our community!


About the Lab
Preparing for an Action Lab
Who Should Come to an Action Lab
Being a Steward of an Action Lab
Explaining our Lab Process

Action Lab Agreement
1. Check In
2. Discovery Phase
3. Ideation Phase
4. Action Plan Phase
Wrap Up
Action Lab Checklist
Optional Creative Tools and Techniques