Civil Society and Public Policy: A Directory of Non-Profit Organizations Engaged in Public Policy

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"Susan Carter, Betty Plewes and Havi Echenberg"

Year: 2005

This directory of organizations engaged in public policy reflects the richness of the voluntary sector and its policy activities across Canada. Although neither an exhaustive listing nor a statistically representative sample, it is a sound diagonal slice and provides an overview of the range and breadth of organizations involved in public policy. This directory will facilitate connections between sector organizations who are seeking policy collaborators in their field or in their community, or who are searching for policy material. And as a first edition, it can act as a basis for creating broader, more comprehensive versions. This first edition of the directory begins with a description of how it was developed. Following that is an explanation of why organizations engage in public policy, with an overview of which organizations do so and what kind of policy activity they undertake.

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