Co-operatives in a Post-growth Era: Creating Co-operative Economics

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Edited by Sonja Novkovic and Tom Webb

Year: 2014

For the past three decades, economic theory and policy has been dominated by the neoclassical doctrine. The balance of power has shifted to protect private interests, resulting in unprecedented damage to the environment and society, with no solution in sight as more austerity and less government continues to be posited as the answer to the oncoming waves of crisis.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Featuring a remarkable roster of internationally renowned critical thinkers, Co-operatives in a Post-Growth Era presents a feasible alternative for a more environmentally sustainable and equitable economic system – specifically, the co-operative business model. With more than 100 million people working in co-operatives and more than a billion members around the world, the time has never been better for co-operatives everywhere to recognize their own potential and own ability to change the economic landscape.

An essential book for students, policymakers and concerned citizens looking for a practical way to change the current stagnant economic paradigm.

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The World on a Collision Course (Manfred Max Neef)
The New Economy (Neva Goodwin)

The World We Need (Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett)
Prosperity and Sustainability (William Rees)
Limits to Growth Revisited (Peter Victor)
Complexity: Shock, Innovation and Resilience (Thomas Homer-Dixon)
The Role of Financial Capital in a New Economy (John Fullerton)


Cooperative Entrepreneurship (Stefano Zamagni)
Are Cooperatives a Viable Business Form? Lessons from Behavioural Economics (Morris Altman)
The Cooperative Enterprise: A Valid Alternative for a More Balanced Society (Vera Negri Zamagni)
Employee Ownership and Health: An Initial Study (David Erdal)
Cooperatives in a Global Economy: Key Economic Issues, Recent Trends and Potential for Development (Stephen C Smith & Jonathan Rothbaum)
A Role for Cooperatives in Managing and Governing Common Pool Resources and Common Property Systems (Barbara Allen)
Is the Debt Trap Avoidable? (Claudia Sanchez Bajo)

About the Authors:

Sonja Novkovic is Professor of Economics at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. She is the past president of the International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP) and past Vice President of the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation (CASC).

Tom Webb is an Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary’s University School of Business and former Program Manager of the Master of Management – Co-operatives and Credit Unions (MMCCU).