Co-ops for Liberation

Freedom Dreams

Year: 2022

In times of crisis, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) folks didn’t seek to repair the systems that failed them — BIPOC folks sought and fought to reimagine these systems instead.

In Freedom Dreams’ second workshop of the Transformation on our Own Terms Fall Workshop series, Victor Beausoleil, founder and Executive Director of SETSI – The Social Economy Through Social Inclusion Coalition, joins Christine Clarke to look at the historical and current role co-ops play in the fight for social justice and how co-ops can be powerful tools for social change.

Freedom Dreams Co-operative Education Program is an online and place-based workshop series that shares knowledge about co-operatives and the solidarity economy from a Black, Indigenous and Person of Colour (BIPOC) perspective.

This is the second episode in the workshop series elevating how the work of BIPOC folk in the co-op movement is a necessary means of resistance & survival.