Community Banking Partnership: The joined-up solution for financial inclusion and community economic development

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions

Year: 2008

Since 2004 a Community Banking Partnership (CBP) approach has been co-developed by some of Britain’s most innovative players in community finance. Robustly designed Community Banking Partnerships are creating financial inclusion, alleviating debt problems, preventing a recurrence of debt, and showing that there can be a net gain to the partners from investing in the process. The success of this financial inclusion model is leading to a growing interest in CBP from all regions of England and from many areas of Wales and Scotland as well.

The sharp downturn in the economy, unprecedented rises in household energy bills, an escalation of housing repossessions and soaring debt levels are contributing to a sharp increase in financial exclusion and fuel poverty. The credit crunch and the banking crisis have triggered a global recession, which is forecast by many financial experts to be leading to a slump with unemployment rising to 3 million or more. 

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