Community Benefits – Delivering maximum value for the Welsh pound

Welsh Government

Year: 2014

This Guide offers advice on how to incorporate Community Benefits in public procurements using either the Open or Restricted procurement procedures.

Although not covered in this guidance it is also possible to include Community Benefit requirements when using the Competitive Dialogue procedure which offers greater scope for discussions around the requirement and could include what is possible with regards to Community Benefits. However it should be noted that the use of the Competitive Dialogue procedure is limited to particularly complex contracts where it is difficult either to specify the requirement or the legal / financial make-up of the project and where the Contracting body considers the use of the Open or Restricted procedures will not allow for the award of the contract.

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The guide explains how Community Benefits as either Core or Non-Core requirements can be legitimately incorporated into contracts and framework agreements within the policy and legal framework governing public procurement. While the use of these Community Benefits approaches offer some scope for innovation the requirements to act in accordance with the Core principles of transparency, equality and Nondiscrimination set out in the Public Contracts Regulations still apply.

Table of contents

Defining ‘Community Benefits’
What could we achieve, what should we focus on?
Approaches – Core and Non-Core
Community Benefits in the Contact Notice
Support Services
Other resources
Case studies – Community Benefits in Action
The Community Benefits Measurement Tool
Further advice or guidance
Frequently Asked Questions