Community Development 101 Presentation

Southern New Hampshire University

Author +
Chris Clamp

Year: 2009

In this slideshow presentation, Chris Clamp of Southern New Hampshire University, provides an accessible and engaging introduction to community development (CD) and community economic development (CED). The presentation guides viewers through the core concepts of CD/CED and presents a brief history of this movement in the United States. The presentation offers useful metaphors to help people understand the importance of CD/CED, and effectively uses various case studies to demonstrate the benefits of these approaches.

Presentation Contents

  1. What is Community Development
    • Three Characteristic of CD
    • Types of CD Project Activity
  2. The History of Community Development
    • Overview of the History of Community Development Corporations (CDCs)
    • Role of CDCs
    • Advantages of CDCs
  3. Core Values of Community Development Movement
    • Three Outcomes of CED
    • Leaky Bucket
    • Brokering Connections
    • Asset Management
    • Asset Mapping
    • Mobilizing the Community
    • Building Ladders & Webs
    • Creating Level Playing Fields
    • Enhancing Markets