Community Development Evaluation Measures: Indicators of Success

Commissioned by Community Waitakere

Author +
Simon Harger-Forde

Year: 2012

tamarackThis document brings together a collection of social and community well-being indicators that are intended as a resource for community development organizations in designing and developing evaluation within their programs and services.

About the Project:

Community Waitakere is a community development organization committed to achieving strong, dynamic, sustainable community and voluntary sectors in Waitakere.  They do this by strengthening links between community groups, organizations, businesses, government and individuals by promoting and modeling collaboration and partnering, enhancing networking and communication, developing projects and helping to foster collective visions of positive change in Waitakere New Zealand.  Community Waitakere commissioned the Community Development Evaluation Research Project to offer a set of resources and tools to support the development of effective evaluation frameworks by community development organizations. There are three other documents in this series:

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