Community Economic Development in Canada: Volume One

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited

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David J.A. Douglas

Year: 1994

Community Economic Development in Canada, publised in two volumes, provides the most revealing, current, comprehensive and authoritative text on Canadian communities in action – urban and rural – and how their activities relate to their economic viability and quality of life.

David Douglas, editor and contributor, School of Rural Planning and Development, University of Guelph, has marshalled leading practitioners and researchers who have extensive experience in Canada and internationaly in creating this comprehensive text.

Community Economic Development in Canada provides historical, geographic and many other perpectives on concept and practice of community economic development. The wide scope of the text adresses both theoretical and practical issues, and tackles the complex demands facing communities across the country as they wrestle with hard economic realities and many other challenges in a rapidly changing landscape. This book is very much a statement about human endeavour and collective initiave as communitives seek the economic solutions that will determine – in the most serious of cases – survival or collapse.



  1. Community Economic Development in Canada: Issues, Scope, Definitions and Directions
  2. Context and Condition of Community Economic Development in Canada: Government and Institutional Responses
  3. Planning and Implementing Community Economic Development: Generalizations on Process and Practice in Canada
  4. The Third Sector, Sustainable Development and Community Empowerment
  5. Making Communities Work: Women and Community Economic Development
  6. The Locational Dynamics of Community Economic Development
  7. Strategic Planning and Management in Community Economic Development

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