Community Economic Development in Canada: Volume Two

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David J.A. Douglas

Year: 1994

Canadian communities are wresting with difficult and complex economic realities that threaten their well-being. Confronting these challenges is essential to ensure a healthy and vibrant Canada in the 21st century. 

Community Economic Development in Canada, published in two volumes, offers a contemporary, critical and informed approach to this subject. It delves into the initiatives and strategies implemented by Canadian communities that are taking positive, effective action in the face of economic change and crises.

This book is about communities action. Editor and contributor David Douglas has brought together leading practitioners and researchers to present a cross-section of case studies, critical overviews of public policy, and assessments of current themes in community economic development. This volume focuses on communities that have been hit with declining primary sectors, such as agriculture and fisheries, and lost jobs through plant closure — communities from Atlantic Canada to Western provinces, from rural villages in Newfoundland and Labrador to the urban core of Montreal and Vancouver: the historical roots of community-based development are examined and compared to programs now underway.

Community Economic Development in Canada is for all who are working to protect and enhance Canadian communities, whether concerned citizens or the various professionals that work with them. It provides a unique, multi-disciplinary analysis necessary to plan and implement effective development strategies for Canadian communities. 



  1. Utopianism in Western Canada: Economic and Social Factors in Doukhobor, Hutterite and Co-op Farm Community Development.
  2. Atlantic Canadian Roots
  3. Rural and Community Economic Development in Newfoundland and Labrador
  4. Community Economic Development: the Montreal Example
  5. Local Economic Development Policies in Rural Quebec: The Situation Today
  6. Ontario: Prespectives on Community Economic Development: Contexts, Challegnes and Reconrds
  7. Community Economic Development in Saskatchewan
  8. The Downtown Eastside Economic Society: A Practioner”s Perspective on Urban Community Economic Development

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