Community Economic Development: In Search of Empowerment

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Eric Shragge

Year: 1997

Central governments and their economic policies rarely help economic development at the local level, taking more out of communities than they put into their growth and health. Providing examples of how community-based economies can be means of intervention that address both economic and social needs, this book argues for an economy that works in co-operation with the local community and is partially controlled by it.

Revised and expanded, this edition of Eric Shragge’s exploratory compilation brings us up to date on developments in the communities described in the previous edition. Case studies are examined in light of current CED experiences, the continuing ascendency of neoconservative economics, and the current Chrétien government.

New chapters include studies of organizations servicing the needs of women, remote and marginalized communities. The revised edition also features a more international perspective, with a chapter on rural CED development in Botswana and two chapters from the United States. From the US, the influential Institute for Community Economics (ICE) is described in detail. ICE provides advice and support – both material and intellectual – for community organizations looking for new solutions to local development challenges.

Table of Contents

  1. Community Economic Development: Conflicts and Visions, Eric Shragge
  2. Knowledge-Sharing Institutions: A Movement to Transform Change Agents into Exchange Agents, G. David Miller
  3. Women Futures: This Chapter Needs a Title, by Melanie Conn and Lucy Alderson
  4. Business (Not Quite) as Usual: Psychatric Survivors and Community Economic Development in Ontario, by Kathryn Church
  5. Surviving the Collapse: West End Community Ventures Enters its Second Decade, by Keith Patterson
  6. CED in Montréal: Community versus State Control, by Eric Shragge and Jean-Marc Fontan
  7. Democratizing Capital: Alternate Investment Strategies, by Marguerite Mendell and Lance Evoy
  8. Loan Circle: The Montréal Experience, by Suzanne Merrill
  9. The Bois-Francs Experience: Reflections on Two Decades of Community Economic Development and Empowerment, by William A Ninacs
  10. New Dawn Enterprises Ltd.:  A Community Economic Development Experiment, by Rankin MacSween
  11. Community Land Trusts and Socially Responsible Investing, by Greg Ramm
  12. Integrated Community Economic Development in Botswana – Experiences from the Margins, by Keitseope Nthomang and Morena J. Rankopo

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