Community Economic Development: Working with your community

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Year: 2015

Read this guide if you want to:

  • Understand the benefits of partnership working
  • Learn how to work effectively together

When a sample of CED areas were asked what they need help or support with to develop their plan, projects were most keen to learn how to engage local groups and organisations to create their plan. This was especially true for engaging with local authorities and nearby businesses. This guide will help you build stronger partnerships and work together more effectively.

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Features of good partnerships

Partnerships built on mutual trust are crucial to the success of community initiatives. There are many practical benefits for local groups and organisations working together, including:

  • Pooling resources and saving money e.g. by sharing office space or fundraising together
  • Planning together and bringing new approaches to a problem
  • Inspiring each other, especially when things get tough
  • Sharing information, ideas and learning new skills
  • Having access to more expertise and skills
  • Resilience – providing a support network when things don’t go as expected
  • Referrals – projects often rely on other agencies and groups to make referrals to them, which are more likely to come when good relations have been built