Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Year: 2014

The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development published a special issue on cooperatives and alternative food systems initiatives, which was available for free during the month of July. To access the articles listed in the Table of Contents below you will need to subscribe to the journal.

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Table of Contents

1. In This Issue: Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives — and More
2. Group Editorial: Working Together to Build Cooperative Food Systems

1. METRICS FROM THE FIELD: Co-ops and Collective Impact
2. THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: Limits to Economic Growth
3. GLOBAL VIEWS OF LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS: The Agrarian Limits of the Food Movement

1. Historical Tensions, Institutionalization, and the Need for Multistakeholder Cooperatives

Cooperatives and Alternative Initiatives
1. Re-imagining Rural Cooperation in Atlantic Canada
2. Leveraging the Local: Cooperative Food Systems and the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network in Ontario, Canada
3. Fostering Capacity Building Among Groups of Disadvantaged Farmers, Southeastern North Carolina (USA)
4. Navigating the Fault Lines in Civic Food Networks
5. The Conventionalization of Local Food: Farm Reflections on Local, Alternative Beef Marketing Groups
6. Building Resilience in Nonprofit Food Hubs
7. Reflexive Resilience and Community Supported Agriculture: The Case that Emerged from a Place
8. Solidarity Economy and Agricultural Cooperatives: The Experience of the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers Movement
9. Pulling in the Indigenous Fishery Cooperative Net: Fishing for Sustainable Livelihoods and Food Security in Garden Hill First Nation, Manitoba, Canada

Open Call Paper
1. Collaboration Meets Opportunity: The Baltimore Food Policy Initiative

Book Reviews