Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment

Living Cities

Year: 2015

Living Cities developed the free Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment to help those engaged in cross-sector partnerships, particularly collective impact partnerships, understand how to best work with stakeholders to achieve dramatically better results for low-income people in cities.

What the Cross-Sector Assessment Can Do For You

As cross sector partnerships evolve, their composition needs to be re-considered based on the changing nature of the work and the community context. By assessing where you are now, you can decide where you need to go.

The Assessment helps you think through the development and progress of your cross-sector partnership. It provides you with tailored feedback, tools and resource to help partners get better results faster; improve the way you work with stakeholders; and achieve your mission.

Who Should Take the Cross-Sector Assessment

Anyone involved in a cross-sector partnership can take the Assessment at any stage of their partnership, for free. The questions are designed to help you and your partners think through the development of your partnership. Please choose the answer that best fits your partnership at the stage it is now. You can always come back and re-take the assessment later.

How to Take the Cross-Sector Assessment

You will answer a series of survey questions about your cross-sector partnership. After completing the survey, you will receive an email in less than 10 minutes with customized feedback with suggestions, resources and tools for moving the work of your cross-sector partnership forward.

Download the Group Discussion and Planning Guide

Tips for Taking the Assessment and Using your Feedback:

  • Take the Assessment as an individual and reflect on the feedback provided.
  • Take the Assessment as a group, and discuss the questions as you answer them.
  • Have each member of your partnership take the Assessment individually and compare your results as a group using the discussion guide available for download at the top right corner of this page.
  • Take the Assessment each year to reflect on your progress and think through what changes you need to make as your partnership evolves.

Complete the Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment


The Assessment is a free online survey that anyone involved in a cross-sector partnership can complete as many times as they desire. Once the user completes the Assessment, he or she receives an email with tailored feedback on how to improve the partnership. Based on our work supporting over 70 different collective impact initiatives, Living Cities believes that collective impact presents one of the most promising cross-sector partnership models for achieving dramatically better results, faster. The feedback and resources provided through this tool were developed with the principles of collective impact in mind. We believe that, by embodying these principles, your partnership will be better positioned to achieve its intended outcome faster.