Directory of Resources for Aboriginal Social Entrepreneurs

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First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission

Year: 2017

This Directory of Resources for Aboriginal Social Entrepreneurs has been designed to simplify your efforts to find and acquire information. There are abundant resources available, but programs continually change over time. Therefore, the FNQLEDC encourages you to contact us at any time, regardless of the state of the advancement of your project, because we can provide you with advice and support. We can help you identify the most appropriate resources and help you benefit from the wide ranges of partnerships we have developed over the years.


In consultation with all stakeholders in the sector, and in a spirit of respect for the cultures and the communities’ local, the FNQLEDC has set itself the task of representing, promoting, supporting and advocating for First Nations’ interests in socioeconomic development, while at the same time contributing to their growth.


1) Aboriginal Organizations
2) Social Economy Programs and Funding
3) Government Programs (Provincial and Federal)
4) Funding Services
5) Crowfunding
6) Useful Websites