Doing Well While Doing Good: How to Launch a Successful Social Purpose Enterprise

Toronto Enterprise Fund,

Year: 2008

Doing Well While Doing Good

Doing Well While Doing Good shares our insights as to why some organizations are more successful than others at developing viable social purpose enterprises. Published in 2008, this primer is written for both social entrepreneurs, funders, non profits to explain what it takes for an organization to successfully develop a social enterprise.

“For any organization considering social enterprise, a strongly recommended first step is to have staff, leadership, and Board members individually dedicate two hours to the review of Doing Well While Doing Good: How to Launch a Successful Social Purpose Enterprise.

This 45-page, clearly delineated booklet is peppered with real examples from Ontario enterprises that have received development grants from the Toronto Enterprise Fund (TEF). The TEF folks have done a fantastic job of distilling lessons learned by their clients (and themselves, as engaged ‘big picture’ funders). Even the failed enterprises have left a legacy of germane learning for those that follow.

Dedicated sections then expand on these learnings, offering sobering advice to those considering taking the plunge. Although geared specifically to social enterprises that act as training or employment businesses for the marginalized, the advice given is applicable to a broader definition of social enterprise.”

Stacey Corriveau
Director, Fraser Valley Centre for Social Enterprise

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