Ending Job Piracy, Building Regional Prosperity

Good Jobs First

Author +
Leigh McIlvaine and Greg LeRoy

Year: 2014

This new report from Good Jobs First offers policy recommendations to reduce job poaching, sprawl, and loss of public resources induced by intra-regional competition. Through tax-base sharing and institutionalization of procedures of cooperation, neighboring localities can expand resources available for public goods, such as education, from which the entire region can profit. The report outlines successful programs instituted in the metropolitan areas of Denver, Colorado and Dayton, Ohio and scrutinizes ineffective economic development policies elsewhere.

Policy takeaways from the successful case studies included in the report include: 
  • focusing on economic development practitioners (rather than elected officials);
  • educating key community members;
  • practicing transparency (especially when an incumbent employer signals a possible relocation);
  • building flexibility into agreements;
  • emphasizing and embedding processes of cooperation; and
  • reforming state economic development program rules that a) pressure localities to match state incentives, b) allow companies to receive state subsidies for intra-metro relocations that lack the blessing of the “losing” community, and c) allow tax increment financing (TIF) to be used for intra-metro relocations.

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