Ethical, solidarity-based citizen involvement in the economy: a prerequisite for social cohesion

Council of Europe Publishing

Year: 2004

Drawing inspiration from the Council of Europe Strategy for Social Cohesion, this volume analyses from different angles the new forms of economic solidarity and responsibility which European citizens are setting in place to respond to the modern-day challenges of human and environmental vulnerability. Some legal concepts and frameworks are emerging here in response to these ethical, solidarity-based initiatives and should be read with this basic question in mind: is it possible to give a “political” meaning (in the sense of polis, the common good, or social cohesion) to individual economic choices?

Table of contents

  • Chapitre 1: A civic commitment to the économiy: how can solidarity-based finace system and responsible consumtion contribute to social cohesion?
  • Chapitre 2: Ethics and economics: towards a solidarity-based economy
  • Chapitre 3 Social cohesion indicators and the contribution of a solidarity-based economy
  • Chapitre 4: The concept of externality its a political dimension
  • Chapitre 5: Proposals for legislative initiatives to promote the social solidarity-based economy
  • Chapitre 6: Solidatrty-based economy: a summary of the legislation of the Europe Union and the member states of the Council of Europe
  • Chapitre 7: Towards a European solidadity finance systeme
  • Chapitre 8: An analyse of needs in the fields of land management, natural resourcesm food and human health
  • Chapitre 9: Development of Social cohesion through development of responsible consumer behaviour

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