Evaluating Vibrant Communities 2002-2010

Creating Vribrant Communities

Year: 2010

The Vibrant Communities (2002 – 2010) Evaluation Report contains the findings of a nine-year experiment that demonstrates the positive impacts of an innovative and collaborative approach to fighting poverty that is driving individual benefits, neighborhood changes and large scale community poverty reductions.

Since 2002, a wide range of partners have formed leadership tables in more than a dozen communities across Canada, giving new momentum to the work of poverty reduction. More than a hope or a dream, they have made it a living, breathing reality. Joined by the Vibrant Communities initiative, citizens of all income levels, community workers, representatives from all levels of government and business people are clarifying needs, identifying community assets and developing tangible strategies for tackling poverty.

The Vibrant Communities approach emphasizes collaboration and consensus building across sectors; comprehensive thinking and action; building community assets; and a commitment to long-term learning and change. It is a self-fuelling change model where progress creates greater capacity, leading to new programs and more systematic interventions. The end result is improved lives and less people living in poverty.