Health Care Co-operatives in Canada

Co-operatives Secretariat,

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Trent Craddock and Naila Vayid

Year: 2004

Health care co-operatives provide services to Canadians through an approach focused on prevention of illness and user responsibility. While health care co-operatives are new to most provinces, they have been a key part of the health care system in Saskatchewan since 1962. In 2001, there were 101 health care co-operatives offering services across the country, the majority being in Québec. Recent trends have shown that the model is growing in Canada, with 57 new health care co-ops formed between 1997 and 2001. This paper will paint a portrait of health care co-operatives in Canada. A brief history of this sector will be provided, followed by a profile of the current situation in Canada. To conclude, a discussion of the overall, current trends of co-operative health care and a potential view of its future will be conducted.

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