High Stakes, Clear Choices: Alternative Federal Budget 2017

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Year: 2017

We are at a pivotal moment in Canadian politics. In 2015, a new Liberal government was elected on a wave of public desire for more: more empathy, more investment, more acknowledgement that we can and must do better for each other and especially for the most vulnerable. Some positive steps have been taken in this direction. But much more needs to be done to address Canada’s persistent inequalities and to get the economy moving.

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This would be a very bad time to retreat into the rhetoric of fairness while falling short on implementing the policies that would take us there. Better than nothing—or better than Trump —is not good enough. We must be clearheaded and unapologetic in our vision for change or be ready to face the backlash from half-measures or broken promises. More than ever Canadians need to see action on inequality, climate change, poverty, and jobs.

Table of Contents

Macroeconomic Policy
Arts and Culture
Child Care
Employment Insurance
Environment and Climate Change
First Nations
Gender Equality
Health Care
Housing and Neighbourhoods
Infrastructure and Cities
International Development
Post-Secondary Education
Public Services
Sector Development Policy
Seniors and Retirement Security
Trade: International Trade and Investment