Identifying Employment Opportunities for Low-income People within the Manitoba Innovation Framework

Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy,

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Garry Loewen, Jim Silver, Martine August, Patrick Bruning, Michael MacKenzie and Shauna Meyerson

Year: 2005

This research report describes the impending shortage of labour, and especially skilled labour, that is beginning to appear and that is widely anticipated to worsen. It develops a model of “best practices” for successfully bridging members of disadvantaged communities into good jobs, based on case studies of projects undertaken in the US, Ireland, Australia and Europe. It then evaluates Winnipeg’s employment development system, using this “best practices” model. It explores opportunities for good jobs in advanced manufacturing and information technology, and profiles the character of the advanced manufacturing and information technology industries in Manitoba. It describes the results of interviews with Human Resource Managers and other Managers in 34 companies and industry associations about company and industry hiring practices and hiring needs and what, from a company and industry point of view, would have to be done to employ more people from disadvantaged communities in good jobs in those companies and industries. It then describes the results of a ‘collaboration’ conducted in May 2005, at which research findings and recommendations were tested with employers in advanced manufacturing and information technology, plus representatives of unions, community-based organizations, governments and educational institutions.

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