IMPACS Election Toolkit



How to use this kit:

This kit has materials to help you raise election candidates’ awareness of
the Charities and Democracy Project and convey your concerns about the
current restrictions on charities and advocacy.

You have the opportunity to raise this issue in public forums and allcandidates
meetings during the election campaign. All you need to do is
ask one simple question. It’s easy, and the components of this kit will
help you do it.
In this kit you will find:

  • Overview of election activities: what charities can and can’t do during an election campaign
  • Tips on addressing all candidates during public meetings/debates
  • Talking points for questioning candidates on Charities an Democracy
  • Briefing note to leave behind with each candidate. Be sure to photocopy enough copies of this briefing note before you attend the meeting.
  • Feedback form that will help us see the big picture better.

Please review this kit and plan to attend an all-candidates meeting in your
organization’s riding. If you can’t attend, encourage other allied
organizations and community leaders to do so.

If you have any questions after reading this kit please contact us:

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