Inclusive Business Creation

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OECD, European Union

Year: 2016

This compendium contains 20 case studies of public programmes in European countries that are successfully supporting business creation by people from disadvantaged and under-represented groups in entrepreneurship. The populations targeted by these programmes include youth, women, seniors, the unemployed, immigrants, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities. Each programme description details the programme’s activities and approach, assesses the challenges faced in development and implementation, and offers tips for successful transfer to other contexts.

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Public policy actions at national, regional and local levels can make an important contribution to economic growth and social inclusion by promoting business creation and self-employment by people who otherwise could remain outside of the mainstream of entrepreneurship. This compendium demonstrates that workable approaches exist and can help policy makers learn from each other’s experiences to achieve widespread results.

Table of Contents

Executive summary
PART I: Challenges, options and success factors for inclusive business creation policy

Chapter 1: Key policy issues and approaches to inclusive business creation
Chapter 2: Ingredients of successful inclusive business creation programmes
PART II: Good practice examples of inclusive entrepreneurship programmes
Business Startup Programme, Austria
DreamStart, Belgium (Brussels)
Entrepreneurship Works, Belgium (Flanders)
Women in the Labour Market, Croatia
Business Coaching for Ethnic Minorities, Denmark
Startup Grant, Finland
Adie Microfranchising, France
New StartUp Subsidy, Germany
Kiútprogram, Hungary
Going for Growth, Ireland
Invitalia’s Entrepreneurship Support for the Unemployed, Italy
Measure for Commencing Commercial Activity or Self Employment, Latvia
Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund, Lithuania
Welfare Support for the Self Employed (BBZ), Netherlands
Mature Entrepreneur, Poland
Entrepreneurially Into the World of Business, Slovenia
Launching Pads for Employment and Entrepreneurship, Spain
Women Ambassadors, Sweden
Access to Work, United Kingdom
Prowess, United Kingdom