Inner City Renovation SROI Report Cards 2003-2009

Inner City Renovation

Year: 2009

Inner City Renovations is a general contractor and social enterprise that providing services to a broad range of clients primarily in the commercial renovations sector.

As a social enterprise, ICR manages both a social outcomes and business outcomes.

Our Mission

To provide quality employment for inner city low income residents and quality general contracting services in Winnipeg.

ICR’s goal is to be a self-sustaining employee-owned company. We create steady employment and practical training for inner city residents. Our employees are what make ICR different, and they are committed to making a difference to Winnipeg’s Inner City.

ICR is committed to:

  • Providing quality full time employment to inner city low-income residents
  • Providing better-than-average sector wages and benefits
  • Providing education and training, leading to skills and certification, to its workers
  • Providing opportunities for advancement and career laddering
  • Providing participatory management culture
  • Creating a culture of employee engagement and employee ownership