Insider’s Guide to Community Renewal #2: What’s Up Doc?

Canadian Centre for Community Renewal

Author +
Don McNair

Year: 2004

Why is it that some communities are going bust, while others are booming? This is a look the economic “treatments” commonly prescribed to distressed communities: corporate recruitment, government intervention, self-employment, land development, and nonprofit projects.

Each has its points, but in the 21st Century, each of these home-remedies will function better within the more comprehensive, far-reaching approach we call Community Economic Development.

Insider’s Guide to Community Renewal

This publication is part of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal’s Insider’s Guide to Community Renewal series. The Insiders’ Guides (IGs) are a series of 4-page cartoons that make mainstream some concepts and tools critical to community renewal. Developed with the assistance of a number of community economic development practitioners across the country, Insiders Guides use illustration and a straightforward text to be both informative and fun.

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