LEAP! Learning Tools: The importance of relationships in business with Brian Smith [video]

SFU Community Economic Development Certificate Program

Year: 2016

British Columbians love beer and, as witnessed by the recent proliferation of breweries, craft brewing is a good business proposition. But success is not built on beer alone. SFU CED instructor and founder of Persephone Brewing, Brian Smith, talks about the importance of building and maintaining relationships in business development. Persephone, a B-corp on the Sunshine Coast is not only selling a terrific amount of beer, but is also having positive impacts in the community in its pursuit of the triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial success).

This video is part of the curriculum of LEAP!, an eight week accelerator program for brand new start-up social entrepreneurs in rural B.C. LEAP! (Local Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program) is delivered by SFU Community Economic Development in partnership with local organizations. To find our more about inviting LEAP! to your community, check us out SFU CED Program