LEAP! Learning Tools: Value Proposition vs. Social Mission with Brian Postlewait [video]

SFU Community Economic Development

Year: 2016

When developing a social enterprise, it’s easy to get your value proposition mixed up with your social goals.

Your value proposition describes what your product or service offers your customer and is the key to your business success. Your social mission describes the positive social impact of your business. It provides added value, but is not the value proposition of the social enterprise.

Confused? Listen to this explanation by Brian Postlewait, outgoing executive director of Mission Possible and SFU Community Economic Development alumni.

This video is part of the curriculum of LEAP!, an eight week accelerator program for brand new start-up social entrepreneurs in rural B.C. LEAP! (Local Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program) is delivered by SFU Community Economic Development in partnership with local organizations.

To find our more about inviting LEAP! To your community, email ced_info at sfu.ca.