Lighting the Road to Success: A Handbook For Non-Profit Executive Directors

Manitoba CAPC Coalition,

Author +
Heather Block & Suhad Bisharat

Year: 2008

This Orientation Manual has been developed to make your job, as an Executive Director, easier and to give you a guide to the many priorities and tasks of your position. We have included background information, suggestions, checklists, and charts that you can use. The manual has been written so that you can easily find the resources that you need when you need them.

The manual is divided into five sections:

  • Running an Organisation gives introductory information on definitions, risk management, funders, policies and procedures, public relations, interagency collaboration, electronic resources, and Year at a Glance planning tools.
  • Finances looks at budgeting, financial monitoring, financial statements, audits, and financial personnel.
  • Programming outlines the processes you can use for strategic planning, developing a Project Logic Model, proposal writing, evaluation, and fundraising.
  • Board of Directors section introduces the different types of boards, bylaws, board orientation and manual, decision making, and working with the Board.
  • Human Resources looks at hiring, staff supervision and performance management, team building, termination, and exit interviews.

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