Local Economic Development Lab Field Book


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Kiri Bird, Irina Rueda, and Steve Williams

Year: 2017

The Local Economic Development Lab (LEDlab) Field Book was born from the regular incoming requests for information we receive about our program model. This field book is intended for universities, municipalities, non-profits and community development organizations that wish to replicate the LEDlab model, which is at its core a university-community partnership that leverages a large Mitacs research grant for social change.

However, this field book is not a step-by-step guide or a recipe for how to apply the model. Every lab is as unique as the problem it tries to solve and the environment it is embedded in. The LEDlab Field Book is a work in progress as we continue to refine and iterate the model. Feedback is invited on its content and design on an ongoing basis. Please send suggestions to info at ledlab.ca.

The hope is that by sharing this field book, the LEDlab program model may have application beyond the specific geography of Vancouver’s inner city.

Table of Contents

What is LEDlab / Context
Defining the Challenge
Our Approach
Process Design
Forming Community Partnerships
Engaging Graduate Student Project Coordinators
Funding Model
LEDlab Structure
Managing Information
Key Learnings