Masters of Their Own Destiny: The Story of the Antigonish Movement of Adult Education Through Economic Cooperation

St. Francis Xavier University

Author +
Father Moses Coady

Year: 1989 or earlier

This book tells about an effort to educate the people by assisting them to become masters of their own economic destiny.

Father Moses Coady, along with Father Jimmy Tompkins, Rev. Hugh MacPherson, A.B. MacDonald, and other priests and educators, played a leadrship role in what is popularly known as the Antigonish Movement. This book, published in 1936, is Coady’s account of the development of the program of adult education and economic cooperation sponsored by St. Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

The Antigonish Movement, through mass meetings, the organization of numerous small clubs, and discussion circles, resulted in people facing their economic situation by organizing numerous credit unions, cooperative fish-packing plants, stores and farmers’ marketing associations.

The Antigonish Movement was an inspiration to co-operative and community economic development across Canada and in the United States.


I.Introducing “St. F. X.”
II.The Great Default of the People
III.Starting with Mass Meetings
IV.The Spread of Adult Education
V.Development of Consumers’ Cooperatives
VI.The Significance of Credit Unions
VII.Cooperative Marketing Movements
VIII.Why the Economic Approach in Adult Education?
IX.Cooperation in Our Social Blue Print
X.Cooperation and Religion