Meeting the Collaboration Challenge: Developing Strategic Alliances Between Nonprofit Organizations and Business

The Drucker Foundation,

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The Drucker Foundation

Year: 2002

This workbook, its companion videotape, and the Drucker Foundation Web site were designed to complement James Austin’s The Collaboration Challenge. Together these resources can help your nonprofit organization further its mission through strategic alliances with businesses. These resources can be used, alone or in combination, to encourage your board, volunteers, and staff to consider carefully whether and how to develop alliances with businesses. The Collaboration Challenge James Austin’s book provides extensive case studies, frameworks, and lessons. It is the primary source for the Drucker Foundation’s Meeting the Collaboration Challenge resources. Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook This workbook provides a step-by-step process for nonprofits to explore and develop alliances with businesses. It is useful both for organizations with limited alliance experience and for organizations that have established alliances. Nonprofit leaders can choose which phases and worksheets are most helpful to their own situation. Additional resources can help leaders explore the topics most important to their work. Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Video The videotape is a powerful tool that introduces examples of nonprofit business alliances and demonstrates how the ideas presented in the book and workbook are expressed in action. The video illustrates alliances’ benefits and challenges as nonprofit and business leaders explain how their partnerships have developed and evolved. Drucker Foundation Web Site [] The Web site provides this workbook in a downloadable format and presents additional current resources for meeting the collaboration challenge, including information about related workshops and how to subscribe to the monthly Meeting the Collaboration Challenge e-mail notice.