Multi-Sectoral Collaboration and Economic Development: Lessons from England’s Regional Development Agencies

UNBC Community Development Institute

Author +
Marleen Morris

Year: 2010

The challenges of economic transformation are being felt around the world. Prospering in this shifting environment requires an approach to economic development that recognizes that this issue cannot be addressed by one organization or one sector acting independently; collaboration between the public, private, and non-profit sectors is required.

The purpose of this paper is to explore multi-sectoral collaboration in economic development.  It identifies 13 factors that impact multi-sectoral collaboration in economic development and describes how they come into play.

The paper also explores the factors that have an impact on developing collaboration between local governments to create a regional approach to economic development; one that achieves the synergies and produces the momentum required for lasting economic change.

While England’s regional development agencies were selected as the focus for this research into economic development, the purpose was to translate lessons learned to the British Columbia context.