National Indigenous Economic Strategy

National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada

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National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada

Year: 2022

A blueprint for inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian economy, this Strategy presents four Strategic Pathways supported by 107 Calls to Economic Prosperity. Indigenous-led and driven, this Strategy guides governments, industry, and institutions in their reconciliative work and collaboration in rebuilding Indigenous economies.

PEOPLE VISION: The capacity of Indigenous Peoples is strengthened. Indigenous people are
empowered to choose how they define, generate and redistribute wealth.

LANDS VISION: Indigenous jurisdiction. Recognition and validation of court decisions, international law, and United Nations’ declarations. Resolution of all land claims.

INFRASTRUCTURE VISION: Leading edge physical and institutional infrastructure and services
are in place to ensure a prosperous Indigenous economy today and for future generations.

FINANCE VISION: Indigenous Peoples and communities have the financial capital to achieve
economic and social prosperity on their own terms.