Newspapers and Neighborhoods: Strategies for Achieving Responsible Coverage of Local Communities

ABCD Institute

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John P. Kretzmann, John L. McKnight and Deborah Puntenney

Year: 1999

This new volume brings together three articles that explore different aspects of the relationship between local communities and the newspapers that print stories about them. In “A Guide to Developing a Community-Based Strategy for Influencing Local Neighborhood Coverage,” Byron White suggests ways that citizens can make a difference in terms of the coverage their neighborhood receives. In “A Case Study of a Neighbourhood Coalition’s Program to Influence Newspaper Coverage,” Ruth Morris relates the story of how several neighborhoods in metropolitan Toronto organized around the issue of negative media coverage. In “A Research Report on Newspaper Portrayals of Six Neighbourhoods in Metropolitan Toronto” (excerpted from a previously published report), Eva Weinroth, Suzanne F. Jackson and Keith Schloskey present a study of newspaper portrayals of six neighborhoods in metropolitan Toronto.