Nisichawayasihk: A Future Net-zero First Nation?

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba

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Lawrence Deane with Cassandra Szabo

Year: 2020

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) (Nelson House, MB), has embarked on a comprehensive program of economic development that addresses employment, training, healing from trauma, infrastructure development, and energy self-reliance.

The First Nation is vitally concerned with nurturing young people, and is now interested in sharing its learning with other First Nations communities. NCN’s development initiative is reflective of a convergence, or self-reliance approach to community economic development (ie. converging local production with meeting local basic needs) (Loxley, 2010). The program also reflects the quadruple bottom line of social enterprise (employment creation, environmental protection, social development, and income generation) (Berkes and Ross, 2013).

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