Not-for-profits: brand superstars in the making?


Year: 2004

Many not-for profit organizations resist thinking of themselves as “brands” or “potential brands.” For many, branding is a dirty word that conjures up images of plain old hucksterism and sale smanship without substance. Certainly Naomi Klein’s excellent
book on corporate marketing practices, “No Logo: Taking Aim at Brand Bullies,” has fuelled this suspicion among civil society organizations.

Yet, what not-for-profits are recognizing the world over is that like it or not, they have existing brands and their identity or positioning with external audiences requires attention. Here is a five-part series of articles on brand strategies for not-for-profits that include case studies and tips for understanding and rethinking your organizational identity or brands. Please send us feedback or if you are in the midst of re-branding, let us know and we can address some of your challenges here.