Parkdale Community Planning Study: Building a foundation for decent work, shared wealth, and equitable development in Parkdale

The Parkdale People's Economy Project

Year: 2016

The Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning Project is an 18-month neighbourhoodwide planning initiative for Parkdale. Supported by the Atkinson Foundation, the PCED project is led by Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC), with extensive collaboration among over 25 organizations working in Parkdale. The project combines community action research, stakeholder engagement, and participatory planning to develop future visions of Parkdale, and community strategies to realize them. The project goal is to create a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan for decent work, shared wealth building, and equitable development.

Download the Parkdale Community Planning Study

The Full Parkdale Planning Study report can be read in relation to the summary report published earlier. The Full report details data analysis, needs & assets mapping results, key issues and opportunities for the seven areas of community action and policy options. The Full report also provides detailed descriptions of each direction, their rationales and inspiring examples from other neighbourhoods and cities.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1–1 Why community planning in Parkdale now?
1–2 Four overarching Parkdale values that guide community planning and action
1–3 The purpose and organization of the study report
2 Why Community Economic Development?
3 Participatory Planning Process and Research Methods

3–1 PCED steering committee
3–2 Three rounds of participatory planning workshops
3–3 Research methods
4 Parkdale in Relation to Toronto and Beyond
5 Parkdale Neighbourhood Wellbeing Indicators
6 Seven Key Areas for Community Action and Policy Option
6–1 Social infrastructure
6–2 Affordable housing and land use
6–3 Decent work and inclusive economic opportunities
6–4 Food security
6–5 Community financing
6–6 Local participatory democracy
6–7 Cultural development
7 Directions for Decent Work, Shared Wealth, and Equitable Development
8 Moving Forward
9 References