Profiles of Effective Practice in Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations

The Canadian CED Network

Year: 2013

Responding to a request from the newer Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRCs) in Manitoba, Neighbourhoods Alive! asked CCEDNet to facilitate knowledge transfer between old and new NRCs. Through interviews with both the newer NRCs on their challenges and the older NRC’s on their strengths, 15 profiles were developed.

NRCs take a holistic, community-led approach on neighbourhood renewal, incorporating community economic development principles wherever possible and allowing the community to drive planning and programming.

These profiles detail programs, processes, history, tips, and lessons learned on some of the most effective NRC practices.

Diverse Communities
BNRC: Brandon Cultural Awareness Network

Engaged Communities
Scan: Board Structures
NECRC: Community Plan vs Organizational Plan

SNA: It’s All About Relationships

Growing Communities:
BNRC: 500 Plots Strong
WBCO: Gardening for Food Security
DMSMCA: Orioles Garden
SNA: Green Planning

Housed Communities:
Scan: A Range of Housing Options

Partnering Communities:
BNRC: Partnerships
TNRC: Getting Out There

Safe Communities:
WBCO: Safety Plan
NECRC: Community Ambassadors
SNA: Community Connecting

Working Communities:
NECRC: Building Maintenance Program