Realizing Social and Economic Objectives through Infrastructure Planning and Investment


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Dina Graser and Neluka Leanage

Year: 2017

This research explores how Ontario municipalities can use community benefits to maximize social and economic outcomes through better infrastructure planning and investment, in order to deliver better outcomes for people and communities. It addresses how community benefits can be aligned with or incorporated into Ontario’s municipal asset management program and provides preliminary thinking as to how community benefits can be evaluated.

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This research is a starting point to enable principled, evidence-based, and strategic long-term infrastructure planning allowing for physical, social, and economic benefits for local communities.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Document structure
Next Steps
Section 1: Introduction
Purpose of the Study
Study methodology
Section 2: Background
What are community benefits and why use them?
Jurisdictional Scan
Lessons learned from other jurisdictions
Section 3: Policy and legislative context
Relevant existing provincial policy and legislation
Municipal infrastructure
Opportunities to incorporate community benefits into municipal infrastructure decisions
Section 4: How could community benefits be evaluated in Ontario municipalities?
Background to evaluation
Thinking through community benefits evaluation
Recommended framework
Essential components
Other recommendations and considerations
Conclusion and next steps