Richmond opens the door to economic opportunity and security

Insight - Centre for Community Economic Development

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Sharon Cornu

Year: 2015

The report, entitled, “Richmond Opens the Door to Economic Opportunity and Security” was authored by Sharon Cornu, a leading East Bay public policy expert and senior consultant at the Center. According to the report, expanding prospects for economic opportunity and security in Richmond (and comparable communities) are largely a product of decisions by policy makers, improved employer practices, and voluntary agreements.

The report provides an in depth look at UC Berkeley’s plan to build its Berkeley Global Campus (BGC) at Richmond Bay. The Global Campus projects a bold vision to transform the city’s south shoreline into a mix of diverse high-intensity light industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

But, how does the city attract business on the right terms? The report dives into solutions that new businesses need to provide for Richmond’s underserved and unemployed population, mostly made up of boys and men of color.

The study also includes a landscape scan by Mahvish Jafri titled Anchor Institutions and Innovation: A Landscape Scan. The scan profiles six educational institutions from across the country that serve as community “anchors.” These institutions have a great economic impact on the communities surrounding their campuses; all examples serve as evidence of the potential impact of bringing the BGC to the city of Richmond.