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seToolbelt is an open content community resource center for social entrepreneurs. Its content—over 1,400 free toolkits, cases, essays, videos, examples, tips, podcasts, business plans, research papers, and templates—comes from practice and spans regions, sectors, industries, and business functions.

seToolbelt’s community focus is intended to connect and engage social enterprise practitioners around the world to work together on strategic, managerial, operational, and leadership issues related to social enterprise. Through an online platform, seToolbelt helps its users find practical resources; learn about social enterprise; share their own internal and unpublished resources, and collaborate to create new ones through programs such as our Practitioner Innovation Communities.

Value Proposition

seToolbelt is the first global platform for collective problem-solving and knowledge creation for social enterprise that brings a grassroots practitioner perspective to the fore. seToolbelt takes advantage of social entrepreneurs’ expertise and experience to address widespread priority concerns and facilitates the production of tangible community enabled resources for the public good. seToolbelt’s community structure enables practitioner leadership, management, and ownership of the site, products, processes and decision-making and buy-in, ensuring that seToolbelt will be a forum for generating social enterprise best practices.

What is a Social Entreprise?

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