Social and Economic Impacts of RISQ Investments

Réseau d’investissement social du Québec (RISQ),

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Marie J. Bouchard, Léa Leduc Berryman, Maude Léonard, Jean Matuszewski, Damien Rousselière, Sonia Tello Rozas

Year: 2017

A study that confirms the RISQ’s essential role and the effectiveness of its approach!

Since 1997, the RISQ has been a proud partner of numerous business successes reflecting the needs and values of Québec communities. Through unsecured loans it supports the emergence, growth, and consolidation of social economy enterprises. Over the years, the RISQ’s investments have unequivocally shown that social economy enterprises generate long-lasting social and economic impacts on communities.

The social economy provides added value for everyone.

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Arising from collective initiatives, the main goal of social economy enterprises – whether co-operatives or non-profit organizations – is to produce and sell goods or services that are both financially viable and socially profitable. Going beyond the requirements of financial viability, a social economy enterprise:

  • Responds to social and economic needs, both individual and collective
  • Bases its operations on the values of solidarity, responsibility, democratic practice, equality, and personal development
  • Creates and maintains long-lasting jobs for everyone, including those who would normally be excluded from the labour market.