Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives

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Dennis Raphael, ed.

Year: 2004

Uniting top academics and high profile experts from across the country, this contributed volume is the first of its kind published in Canada. It summarizes how socio-economic factors affect the health of Canadians, surveys the current state of eleven social determinants of health across Canada, and provides an analysis of how these determinants affect Canadians’ health. In each case, the book explores what policy options would contribute to better health outcomes, and how to ensure that these options are pursued. Eleven critical areas are investigated: Aboriginal status, early life, education, employment and working conditions, food security, health care services, housing, income and its distribution, social safety net, social exclusion, as well as unemployment and employment security. Gender, and how its meaning is constructed within Canadian society, is another important social determinant of health.

All contributors systematically consider how it impacts upon and interacts with their specific social determinant of health to influence health. Contributors include: Pat Armstrong, Andrew Jackson, Irving Rootman, François Aubry, Muriel Kearney, Chandrakant P. Shah, Nathalie Auger, Ronald Labonte, Michael Shapcott, Gina B. Browne, David Langille, Valerie Tarasuk, Toba Bryant, Richard Lessard, Luc Thériault, Tracey Burns, Lynn McIntyre, Emile Tompa, Robert Choinière, Michael Polanyi, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Ann Curry-Stevens, Michael Rachlis, Louise Tremblay, Janice Foley, Dennis Raphael, Charles Ungerleider, Martha Friendly, Marie-France Raynault, Yves Vaillancourt, Grace-Edward Galabuzi, and Barbara Ronson C$45.95 US$37.95 Distributed by Georgetown Terminal Warehouses Limited TO ORDER: (tel) 1-866-870-2774 (fax) 1-905-873-6170 OR

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