Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund

The Ministry of Economic Development

Year: 2015

Social enterprises represent an exciting emerging sector – one that creates jobs, attracts investments and helps better our society and environment. The Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure’s (MEDEI) launched the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund (SEDF) to support the continued growth of the social enterprise movement. The SEDF is a $4M fund which partners with non-profit intermediary organizations and with private sector investors (e.g. banks, foundations) to provide funding and support to Ontario’s social enterprises.

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About the program

Ontario’s $4 million Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund supports innovative social finance pilot projects across the province. The fund is being delivered through community-based intermediaries who have partnered with private investors to unlock much-needed capital for early-stage, high-potential social enterprises.


The Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund helps social entrepreneurs/enterprises who are tackling Ontario’s most pressing social and environmental issues, and creating jobs.

The Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund:

  • fosters partnerships with not-for-profit intermediary organizations to achieve value-for-money in program delivery
  • provides funds to eligible social enterprises, through intermediaries, in the form of grants, loans, equity investments, royalties or through other financial tools
  • leverages government contributions through private sector expertise and investments
  • serves as a learning platform for demonstrating innovative social finance arrangements